Terrorism; What I can do? What type are you?

I had intended to write my June blog about Jeff Stellings’ March for Men (a large fund raising event for Prostate Cancer starting on 2nd of June and finishing on 16th) and couple it with Cervical Screening awareness week (starts June 12th) but like many people, the recent atrocities in Manchester shifted my attention. Fast forward a few days and as I was finishing my edit we were finding out about another attack in London.

Like many of you, I am on social media and with so many outlets I find it the quick way to keep up to date and in touch with people. Reading about events like the attack in Manchester and now the attack in London can feel frightening and bewildering. We are often filled with anger, and a feeling of powerlessness.

While I, like everyone, hopes that our government, political parties and authorities are working together to stop these attacks from happening my attention was grabbed by two tweets that showed after the initial shock has subsided, there are practical and crucial things that we can do to help those victims directly affected. Below are those two tweets.

















So – I’ve never given blood. Why that is the case? I honestly don’t know. I’m not afraid of needles, I’m not too busy to do it. I just suppose I’ve never really thought about it apart from when a TV advert comes on.

Of all the people I asked, not one has given blood, nor did they have a reason not to. In fact when I thought about it I could only name one person; my good friend James. He gives regularly, and when I asked why he does it, he said that he is ‘just doing my bit’ and even though he jokes further about his reasons and says “I’m saving lives mate,”  and despite the joke, it is the truth, he really is.

So what next? Well I visited the Official Blood Donation website to find out more and how I could get involved. There are some restrictions in place, but the majority of us are able to donate blood.

I’m now registered on the site and will be donating at the end of July.

There is plenty of information out there and World Blood Donor Day is held in June. It is a day where various global organisations come together to thank existing donors, encourage new ones, and share the importance of donating blood.

Below is a true story kindly shared via a friend, the lady concerned has asked to remain anonymous so for this I will simply call her Ms S.

“Arriving at the hospital knowing I was going to have a baby was the certain thing for me. Little did I know the most amazing thing in the world can turn into major surgery with a lot of risks. After an amazing 51 hours I was rushed in due to complications and for a split second I nearly lost my life. Two days later and realising I still couldn’t leave my bed I knew something wasn’t right. I could see and hear my baby but my body was working so hard to replace the 3 units of blood I had lost that I couldn’t get to him. That night a doctor found me on the ward and didn’t feel I looked well enough for 2 days post birth. Next thing I remember was being rushed to intensive care. My thoughts of leaving my new baby behind in the world. My parents were flown down for saying their goodbyes. This is when I received my blood. 

The blood saved my life. And allowed me to go onto to have more children. The kindness of donors amazes me. And I have the rarest blood type. The thought of there not being any and not being here today is a scary thought.”

That very personal story along with those articles I read have a left a powerful message with me on the importance of what I can do. Hopefully this has made you think too and are now interested to find out more.

Finally, I want to close with some lighter news June 15th and June 16th see two of the UKs more interesting National Days. On the 15th  National Beer Day and 16th marks the beginning of National Picnic week. So what better way to reward yourself for registering to give blood than a nice cold one and a picnic in the sun.




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