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I can’t believe it is December and already the last blog of the year. This December blog is all about an organisation called the World Health Heroes.

The World Health Heroes is an organisation focused on improving the, physical, emotional and mental health of those that need it. Whether it be through their huge date base of “Heroes” across the UK offering every therapy and activity from acupuncture through to yoga or the amazing seminars and retreats they run with talks and therapy experiences.

Below is the interview with their founder Owen Morgan. Hope you enjoy it.


Q – We will start with a very open question. Tell us an over view about World Health Heroes and about yourself?

The World Health Heroes is a community of health and wellbeing experts across the UK. We are working together to bring our services and treatments to those most in need who can’t afford them. Doing this via our forthcoming foundation in which we use 50% of the profit we make as a company to pay on behalf of these clients. 

I suffered for years with depression and anxiety and felt so isolated as I had no money and my only option was medication that was free. This is a huge problem within the UK and better access to complementary health therapies is vital for the wellbeing of so many.

Q – When we met one of the things I found so different is your keenness to look at therapies, events, awareness and sharing of knowledge and group it together. Can you tell my readers about why delivering in these different ways is important?

The most important thing we can do as a group is raise awareness and educate the world on what fantastic options there are for the improved wellbeing. We want to help people make the right choice for them and offer them a variety of treatments. Our events and video channel allow us to share our knowledge and skills. Every client is different and as a combined force we can find them the best option for them.  

Q – I believe my readers will particularly interested in your plans to help provide complementary therapies to people who might not be able to afford it and with a NHS that doesn’t always have scope for provision for all. 

It is vital we with have a system that provides access to complementary health for free to those who are unemployed through illness, on extremely low income or part of support groups for those chronic conditions. We have long-term visions to work alongside the NHS and local GP’s to complement their great work.  

Q – The media can sometimes be reluctant to embrace a different way of working but they have been kind and keen to know more about what you are doing. Why do you think that is?

In the modern day mental and physical health is much more recognised and we are talking a lot more about it. This allows it to become much more mainstream and open up the door to the variety of support available. This is a perfect time to have a service such as ours. Working with the media will boost and raise awareness of the power of complementary health and we can reach so many people in need. 

Q – If people are reading this and want to find out more can you break down what is available to them and how to find out what is happening in their area. Maybe outline a few things happening in November and December.

On December 16th in Bath we have our Annual Christmas Conference that will celebrate where we have been and where we are going in 2018. A chance to find out a whole lot more about the company. Tickets are available here 

Across 2018 we will have retreat days and our motivational conferences and tickets can be found here when the are put on sale

Our next events are..

A Retreat day in Swansea on January 21st

A Motivational Conference in London on February 3rd 

A Retreat day in Saltford, near Bristol on March 3rd 

Potential Patients/Users

Members of the public interested in Complementary Health and those with low income 

Potential Heroes

Therapists, practitioners and wellbeing experts across all modalities of complementary health. 

Potential Partners

HR expert, Business coaches, Social media experts, accounts, website builders, designers and so much more 


I hope you enjoyed the article and will visit their website to find out more. They are doing some great things and providing some amazing services. If you would like to know more please visit their website or get in touch with Owen Morgan by email

As always If you would like to find out more about Life Insurance, Critical Illness cover, Income Protection or would like to understand your situation please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email.

Next months blog will aim to help us get back on track and will feature personal trainer Robert Leat of Robert Leat Fitness and some tips to start off the year.

Best wishes and have an amazing Christmas.


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