Are men selfish? I don’t think so, it’s far more complicated than that.

The good news is that after a two month break the blog is back. In other news, it is a heavy subject and will ask a tough question. But I ask you to please read on, these two minutes could make a huge difference to you and your family. Are men selfish? This article has […]

International Day of Happiness

Are you happy? Most of us say we are, but are we? Is it hard to know just how happy we are in our busy lives? This month Zoe Thompson of Phoenix Life Coaching has allowed me to steal her blog from the 20th of March which was International Day of Happiness. Zoe will hopefully […]

83% of you have already given up on improving yourself – Don’t!

So its the 1st of Feb and according to various media sources 83% of people have already failed on their new years resolution. The top two reasons given 1) “Struggled to find time” and 2) “I didn’t really know what I was doing”. I asked a friend of mine who is a personal trainer to […]

World Health Heroes – Your personal wellbeing team.

I can’t believe it is December and already the last blog of the year. This December blog is all about an organisation called the World Health Heroes. The World Health Heroes is an organisation focused on improving the, physical, emotional and mental health of those that need it. Whether it be through their huge date […]

YENA – Are these the business leaders of tomorrow?

Who better to help young entrepreneurs than… a young entrepreneur, Ash Phillips! Each month I like to put out a fresh blog and for those that have been reading them for the last 13 months will know the topics have been quite varied (previous blog list) with some amazing contributors sharing their projects, stories or […]

Talking anxiety, it really does help.

Regular readers of my blog might have realised that I don’t often “talk shop”. In fact, only three of my blogs have been about different types of Life, Critical Illness, or Income Protection insurance. So, I decided for October that I was going to do a blog that related to Futures Protected and what I […]

Helping people – Sikhi Alpha – A charity destined to make a difference

Hi all, Hopefully you have had a great summer and despite the UK weather managed to get out an enjoy it. The rain did pause for one day in mid-August just long enough for me to make an idiot of myself. Some of you might have seen the awful fund-raising video where I attempted to […]

One solution for three significant problems lurking in your company’s blind spot.

As the director or owner of a business, there are concerns faced every day, week, month and year that are typical to many businesses. These include; managing employees, dealing with suppliers, cash flow management, increasing profits, client retention and servicing, winning business etc… the list goes on. It is understood that most of these concerns […]