YENA – Are these the business leaders of tomorrow?

Who better to help young entrepreneurs than… a young entrepreneur, Ash Phillips!

Each month I like to put out a fresh blog and for those that have been reading them for the last 13 months will know the topics have been quite varied (previous blog list) with some amazing contributors sharing their projects, stories or insights.

Initially this month though I was simply going to re-distribute last November’s as it is so important, relevant and critical to saving lives of men. However, I thought why not put out two blogs?

So, you lucky things get two this month.

Once I decided on doing a second blog I knew exactly what I wanted the blog to be; something new, uplifting and not related to health and wellbeing. So, I contacted Ash Phillips a young entrepreneur who I have recently started working with and asked him if he wanted to share the story of what his company is and what they are doing.

I met Ash Philips at a networking event a few months ago, loved the sound of what he is doing and got involved a week later.

Below is are a few words from YENA about themselves and their founder.


Starting & growing a business is, arguably, one of most rewarding things someone can set out to do. However, it can easily be one of the hardest things to achieve. The incredibly steep learning curve, large outlay of cash, lonely nights working away on something that, statistically, is more likely to fail than to work.

YENA is an organisation that sets out to make this whole journey easier, more affordable, more enjoyable and, overall, more likely to succeed.

For four years it’s existed as a community of what it dubs ‘Future Leaders’, enabling the next generation of entrepreneurially minded individuals – usually business owners, but sometimes ambitious professionals too – to connect with one another across 10 event locations in the UK.

Since Dec 2016 though, it’s membership has been given access to brokered deals on tech, business systems/solutions. Reduced rates on professional services, with access to exclusive member sounding boards, networking and educational events, warm ‘human powered’ introductions and more, for just £15 per month (+ vat).

YENA’s aim is that this small subscription gives someone everything they need to start & grow a business, shortening the learning curve, making the journey less lonely and, overall, making it more likely to succeed by being involved in both access to services and solutions and a likeminded community.

Through the time of it’s conception, to it’s new developments YENA’s founder Ash Phillips has been leading the way in connecting people across sectors, mentoring those who are often underserviced by other ‘tech only’ or other niched incubators who are connecting with businesses who are only raising funding.

YENA has an ethos that looks to develop and help those who are members and their founder Ash was recently awarded TechSPARK’s Mentor of the Year. Alongside this award the provision by Ash of a TEDx talk and then placement on last years Maserati100 list, alongside entrepreneurs such as Richard Reed (Innocent Smoothies), Stelios Haji-Ioannou (Easy Group) and previous winners such as Peter Jones & Richard Branson, have given credence to the work YENA are doing across the UK – something unforeseeable when running the first meetup in 2013 and YENA wasn’t even imagined as a business, just as a simple local meetup group for likeminds.

In 2018, new developments will see YENA move to act as a virtual accelerator and membership community that helps people start & grow remarkable businesses all over the world. It’s addition of exclusive video content with experts on all manner of subjects and refreshing approach to online-chat powered ‘digital mentoring’, will allow them to help people grow businesses, wherever they are, regardless of their circumstances, without application and fear of being rejected.


Ash Phillips – explaining some of the common challenges faced by young business men and women.


Some of you will have read the above and parts of it won’t resonate with you, possibly because you work in a traditional style job or workplace and are not in the start up space, others will have read it and see a dynamic new style company building and growing while helping others. The world of business is changing, much in the same way the high street has changed in the last decade.

It was important for me to have Ash contribute for a few reasons but there is one that I am sure he won’t know until he reads this himself. I hear many derisory comments about millennials and have at times (despite just being one) made them myself. However, having spent time with Ash, met some of his colleagues and worked with a few of the companies who are YENA members these “millennials” could not be further from the stereotype banded around.

These people do not expect anything, there is absolutely no feeling of entitlement. They are nose to the stone workers, trying to carve out a company and build something for their future. Some are looking to solve a problem that most of us don’t even know exists yet, some are taking a service and making it fit a digital age, others are looking at the way young people buy a product and service and making it accessible in a whole different way. I can say with total confidence many of the members of YENA will be the business leaders of tomorrow, these people are clear on what they want to do and my goodness they are going to try and get it done.

To close off, I enrolled Future’s Protected with YENA as a member and you can see from the above why I am proud to be a part. I will be helping to develop the next generation of future leaders. Maybe more importantly I will be helping with one of the most overlooked parts of running a business, the importance of protecting its people, which without them, it wouldn’t be able to run. Future’s Protected are looking forward to working closely with YENA to help educate and ensure that more next-gen entrepreneurs understand the importance of being covered in any instance and ensuring that more businesses are able to succeed even when the unexpected happens.

If you want to be involved with YENA or find out more about what they do please contact Ash via email at alternatively please take a look at YENA website.

If you would like to find out more about business protection and what I am doing for members of YENA or if you or anyone you know has any questions about Life Insurance, Critical Illness cover or would like to understand how I can possibly help their situation please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email.

Best wishes and try to enjoy what is left of November before the UK goes “Full Christmas”,


Ben Mason

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One solution for three significant problems lurking in your company’s blind spot.

As the director or owner of a business, there are concerns faced every day, week, month and year that are typical to many businesses. These include; managing employees, dealing with suppliers, cash flow management, increasing profits, client retention and servicing, winning business etc… the list goes on.

It is understood that most of these concerns can cause significant issues if they are not addressed. As they are standard business areas, they are on the radar for most companies so they are being addressed regularly, planned for, and hopefully mitigated.

However, planning for a problem that is not yet seen or understood is much harder. As boxers say, “It is the punch you don’t see coming that hurts you the most.”

Below is a fairly standard business scenario and the three problems in the blind spot that can cause a significant financial problem.


Typical Scenario

Today a business is operating in such a way that the directors and owners are relatively happy, they are sure the turnover is going to be within a few percent of ‘x’ and that as a result profits should be close to ‘y’. All this means that the business plan is working and the company is going in the right direction. At this point a company could be looking to grow, diversify, cement market share or simply breathe easy after a tough couple of years.

Now fast forward two weeks. One of the key people in that business has cancer (1 in 2 of us will*) and they are going to be away from the company for 12 months to have treatment, to rest and to recover. Others in the company will want them to take the time needed to recover but now the picture and situation in the company has changed and the owners and directors are faced with three potentially serious problems.


Problem 1 – Significant drop in turnover

It’s the nature of being a key person to the business they often hold a key function such as sales, client management, innovation, product design etc. People in those functions are working on new ideas, offering an existing service, or hold strong personal relationships with clients, some or all of which stays with that person who is no longer able to work.

Solution 1 – Key Person Turnover Cover

A business protection insurance policy is taken out to cover the potential turnover that could be lost by losing that key person/s. The policy is designed to pay out on death or critical illness.


Problem 2 – Paying for the same job twice

When a key person is unable to work, there is the obligation to pay them some, most or all of their salary while they are off. Add this to the cost of their replacement and potential recruitment fees and a company could be looking at paying out two salaries plus recruitment costs of 15-20%.

Solution 2 – Key Person Replacement Cover

By working out the two potential salaries (plus recruitment costs if applicable) a policy is put in place to cover these overheads in the event of losing a key person to death or critical illness.


Problem 3 – Borrowed money needs repaying and personal guarantees

Directors loans usually require prompt payment should they pass away, causing an added headache to a business at a difficult time.  Add to this that many commercial loans and overdrafts have a recall or reduction facility built in should key members of a business be lost due to illness or death.  Any loans or overdrafts that have a directors personal guarantee now puts the families in financial danger.

Solution 3 – Key Person Loan Cover

By looking at the financial products used by the company, any loan agreements, and any directors loan agreements, it is possible to calculate what cover is needed and structure these to reduce in line with repayment of loans/debts.


A report surveyed business owners and directors and asked how they could cope with the loss of a key person. The results found 55% of businesses would be unable to continue trading without significant financial assistance and 77% of businesses said profitability would be seriously impacted along with the long-term survival of the company.**

If you were asked that question on how you or your business would cope with the sudden loss of a key person (temporary or permanent), what would your thoughts be?

To find out more about Key Person cover please take a look at Business Protection Overview

If you would like to discuss your companies situation, look at the risk above and workout if you require any Key Person cover, please feel free to contact our Director and head of Business Protection Ben Mason.


0117 979 0118 – 07702 577 452



**Scottish Widows Business Protection Report Sept-2013

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