Policy Benefits, Childrens cover and getting the best treatment money can buy

The type and amount of insurance that you should have in order to provide financial security for your family will depend on your financial situation, but careful consideration should be given to policy benefits and features.

Some will be included automatically, and others can be included at an additional cost depending on the plan.

Examples of options available are:

Global Treatment

If you or your child is suffering from a serious illness, it’s only natural you will want the most accurate diagnosis possible and access to the very best advice and treatment. Global Treatment gives you funded access to top medical minds and leading overseas treatment.

Best Doctors

When you or your family are faced with a medical problem you need answers. A Second Opinion by Best Doctors® gives you  access to an expert second opinion from a world leading expert which can help them make important decisions with confidence and provide peace of mind.

With each provider offering a range of policy benefits Futures Protected are on hand to work with you to see which might be suitable for your situation and to fit your budget.

Vitality Option

Vitality Life are one of the providers that Futures Protects work with. Their contract comes with various additions that might suit you and your family. Please see the video below, if you are interested to know more please contact us.

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