Protecting your health

Private Medical Insurance is seen by many people as a luxury, but it is seen by others as the most important cover they own.

It is necessary and important to point out the incredible work the NHS do, as a country are blessed to have it and the people within the NHS who provide such amazing levels of care in increasingly difficult circumstances.

However, for people that have the ability to afford a Private Medical Insurance policy it can help offer a quicker service, faster diagnosis and improved treatment offering than currently offered by the NHS.

Private Medical Insurance is designed to speed up diagnosis and pay for potential treatment needed by the client/patient.

One customer of Futures Protected stated that “the not knowing what is wrong, that’s the worse bit, once you know what you are dealing with you can set out on a path to get things sorted”

Two examples of the speed and benefits of private health care

Example 1

A client had suffered with significant neck pain for a few weeks. Upon visiting their GP they were referred to a private health care provider where they saw a consultant, had an MRI scan, the issue was diagnosed as a tear to the labarum (shoulder joint), they were operated on and received 15 physio sessions to aid recovery. This whole process from beginning diagnosis to having the operation completed took three weeks.

For those without insurance they would have been the waiting times on the NHS would have been 24-32 weeks*. All of the treatment costs were covered by the private medical insurance policy.

Example 2

A client went for a routine examination with a GP who felt necessary to refer to a gynaecologist for a scan. The client informed GP they had private medical insurance who wrote referral letter there and then.

Within 48 hours the client had been seen by a private consultant, scanned, and given a date for an operation in a few days that was going to be needed.

If the client had been using the NHS the waiting times would have been waiting 4-8 weeks* for the scan and a further 6-8 weeks* for the operation. All of the treatments were covered by the private medical insurance policy.

If you would like to know more about Private Medical Insurance and how it can benefit you and your family please contact us for help.

*Waiting times on the above a combination of stated expected turnaround by clients GP and using the following resource

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