Legacy Protection

The word ‘legacy’ can mean different things to each of us, but we all wish to protect what we have earned and saved, and potentially get a little more out of our money to leave what we can to those we love.

By using a whole of life plan, it’s possible to use available funds to create a gift given on death, to fund a funeral or make plans for later life care that might be needed.

Whole of life cover is a policy that will pay out when you die. As the name suggests, it runs for the whole of your life. Futures Protected only offer advice on Guaranteed Premium and Guaranteed Sum assured Whole of Life Plans where there is no investment risk associated.

The flexibility of non investment Whole of Life policies we offer allows us to tailor our advice to match your needs. More than ever it’s important to make sure we help you get the Right Money in the Right Hands at the Right Time.

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